Fishsticks V1.14.14 & V1.14.21 Updates

Greetings all,

CCG Community members will be pleased to know that Fishsticks has been updated today with two updates. V1.14.14 is the biggest and spouts some most requested features. V1.14.21 adds in some features that were requested by staff and an aesthetics overhaul on top of the previous update.


  • Music Player Changes
    • Playlist Compatibility: YouTube playlist links can be used in place of normal video links. Fishsticks will recursively add each playlist video into the queue and then display that the entire playlist was added.
    • YouTube search functionality: The play command parameter requirement for a link has been lifted and now no longer needs to be a link at all. If not a link, Fishsticks will search for the phrase/terms entered on YouTube and display a list of results. The user can select from a list of 5 to play. Selected song will be pushed to the queue.
    • Audio stream quality changed from API preset to YouTube itag to host better sound (less lag).


  • Aesthetic Changes (Music Player)
    • Most music log console output is now contained within a rich embed (fancy box with colors)
      • Skip
      • Queue: Also no longer indents on first line
      • New song added
      • New playlist added
  • Aesthetic Changes (Rules)
    • New passive command for staff use will display a non-temporary embed of CCG mission statement, rules, and helpful links to both CCG main resources and Fishsticks/Discord guides.
  • Newcomer DMs
    • Upon a new user joining the server, Fishsticks will not only assign the Newcomer role, but will also dispatch a DM to the user containing CCG rules, who staff are, and what Fishsticks is.