Fishsticks Update 15 Plans

Greetings all,

It’s been a while since the last update so I figured I’d drop some info on the recent activity and planned systems upgrades. So, real quick, there’s been a few bug patches and passive command updates to the core code (Updates General Kenobi, Sub-Patches 1 – 5, and Smol Update.) that have added the wildly requested “hello there” passive command, and some formatting fixes for the upcoming systems upgrade.

Planned Update 15 Features:

Description: Essentially, the object of this upgrade is to give Fishsticks the power and systems to monitor itself and record session statistics. At the same time, Fishsticks will be given modular control over it’s numerous subroutines. THese subroutines control each aspect of Fishsticks from the meager ENGM system to as powerful as the entire Active command handler. On top of all of this, numerous systems will undergo optimizations to attempt to add onto Fishstick’s crash prevention routines.

  • Modular subroutine control
    • New command: !subroutine [enable/disable] [routineName] — enables or disabled a certain routine. ENGM can be toggled this way just like !engm does.
    • In the event that the active command subroutine is disabled, a rework has been implemented to allow certain roles (bot, TS, CM) to run an “Alpha Level Command” that has authority to re-enable the routine.
  • System-wide session statistics and efficiency checks
    • Fishsticks now calculates it’s efficiency based on the number of enabled subroutines.
    • The !status command reruns this diagnostic every time the command is run.
    • Overhauling the !status embed to show all statistics neatly.
    • Command statistics will be tracked to, such as the number of successful, attempted, and failed active commands and passive commands.
  • Systems optimizations – crash prevention routines
    • Essentially going to rework some of the code in a way that should stop Fishsticks from killing himself sometimes. Typically when running the music player.
  • Each update always comes with interesting passive command additions
    • We’ll see what I come up with to throw in there.
    • This may lead to Fishsticks becoming much more interactive.

Stay tuned for this update. No ETA at this time.