[Skyrim SE] Bromjunaar Manor

Greetings all,

I hope you had a very merry Christmas! This announcement is not for Fishsticks or anything else, but to announce the beginning of a new project that has recently taken me by storm. As of writing this, I have already got a decent shell of the level design for this new project done. What is this new devilry you ask? Let me provide some backstory.

Skyrim SE introduced new optimzations, background systems, and general improvements to the game. I had waited quite a long time before changing over to SE as my main Skyrim because I absolutely had to have my mods before I could work on another playthrough. Well, with this new setup, as a developer and gamer who likes to get down to the science of mechanics, I obviously know where the merchant chests are; the most famous of which is in Dawnstar near the iron mine. Why is this relevant you ask? Shaddup, I’m getting there. Well, one of the most well known mods for both Oldrim and SE is Arthmoor’s Unofficial Skyrim Patch. I had discovered that in Arthmoor’s quest against glitches, that he’d made the merchant chests inaccessible. So…as a developer, I simply fired up my CK and went to work fixing this for my own personal use. Then I proceeded to steal all of the soul gems out of the Dawnstar chest and rank my enchanting up to 100. Well, this lead to a surplus of materials when I had concluded my grind…we’re talking like 200 golden rings extra. On my way to sell these rings, it had occured to me that I had not purchased a house to store my materials anywhere. At that exact same moment, it also occured to me that I didnt want to un inside Whiterun and into Breezehome everytime that I needed to enchant/smelt/brew or what-have-you.

The thought to download one of the Nexus had crossed my mind, and in prior playthroughs I had played with Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow – which mind you is a fantasic house outside Whiterun. But I’m a developer, fully capable of dealing with the innerworkings and complete mess that the Bethesda Creation Kit is. So, I started my own plugin for my own dern house.

In the 2 minute planning stage that I had pondered on, I wanted the house to be in a central locale so that I could – in my non-fast travel playing ways – walk/run or ride my horse from a theoretically equidistant location anywhere in the world. What’s one of the most central places in all of Skyrim that any serious rim player would know? Labryntian. (If you didnt know that, clearly you havnt’t done enough questing playing Skyrim).

Anyways, onto the point. Due it’s close proximity to Labrynthian, it’s only relevant that it be named something related to the Nordic ruin. If you know anything about the area’s lore, Labrynthian was built by the dragon cult and is a temple that was converted from the ancient city of Bromjunaar. Hence the name. I’m also building it in Dwemer style…because I felt like it due to it being in the side of a mountain.

Like I said, early developments have already been made, including the entrance from Skyrim into the house.

This is a view of Bromjunaar Manor from the hillside across the valley south of Labrynthian.

Development Plans

The part you’ve been waiting for.

This house is intended to be my own personal residence with the intention of making it usable to others, meaning clean, somewhat user friendly, and aesthetic. Due to all this, I’m going to try my best to learn how to decorate and “clutter” interiors. I’ve never spent too much time with this as most my mods deal with exterior level design and awkward/small little patches. This is one of my more ambitious mods.

The Exterior

  • It’s in the side of a mountain because that’s awesome
  • It’s dwemer because dwarven style is awesome
  • It has pipes outside, this is a persnaps. Maybe the dwarf living here used it as an actual house and not some manufactory like the rest of his people. Freakin’ wierdo.
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Blends in with the surrounding environment
  • Cluttered – lights, aesthetic, the works

The Interior

  • Foyer
    • I’d like it placed on sale by Hjaalmarch hold, so it’ll cost something – right now, it’s at 2,000 septims, I’ve enforced this by placing a gate in the foyer that will only unlock when the deed is purchased.
    • Quick inventory access
      • There’s a pipe right there in the foyer that serves as a hopper to the manor’s inventory. I want to be able to go in, grab/place stuff, and get out if need be, shoot, I might even put one outside.
    • Pleasant entry
      • Gotta decorate man
  • Control Room
    • Dude this house is gonna be on the ball in terms of customizability. So, gotta have a room for the player to control that!
    • Machinery sound control – toggle on or off sounds like, pipe steam, turning gears, burning gas lamps, etc. Some sounds cannot be muted, such as pipe pistons – but the ones that can be, will be subject to the toggle here.
    • Light switches. A whole damn panel of ’em. I want complete room controls. The only rooms you cannot turn off are the foyer and main entry halls. They’re off at the start and can be turned on by the button in the foyer – once pressed, cannot be pressed again.
    • Not sure what else to put in here apart from inventory management chests/controls which I havn’t completely worked out.
  • Armory
    • This is a huge room. It’ll be full of mannequins for you to put your crap on.
    • Also thinking of putting display racks on the walls for unique items like the dragon priest masks and stuff. Havn’t completely sorted out how what works yet.
  • Alchemy/Enchanting
    • I havn’t decided where to put this just yet, but I have good plans. It’ll be there. I promise.
  • Forge/Smeltery
    • It’s a dwemer ruin, there’s gonna be some badass machinery in there. I’ve already started on it, and there’s lava. It shall be glorious.
  • Inventory management systems
    • There will be a manor inventory where you can store all the stuffs and then I’m thinking of creating subsections to that such as smithing materials, alchemical ingredients, cooking stuffs, and all that. There will be inventory “terminal” pipes throughout the manor for you to access your items.
  • Blackreach Connection
    • I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this, but Blackreach is a pretty great place, so I’m gonna make a connection somewhere. For all I know you might fall out of the ceiling.


  • Bandit raids? Cabbage bandits? Cabbage bandits that only use Unrelenting Force? You bet your ass I’m gonna add this.


That’s all for now, just wanted to let you all know what I’m up to. Heh. Beta testers will have access to the Beta releases as always.