Bromjunaar Manor Beta V0.2

The beta for Bromjunaar Manor has progressed to V0.2. Beta Testers will have access to the release as always. Check the mod page for details.

This release pertains to general core development of the mod. Here’s the changelog:

  • Final crafting station locations
    • Alchemical and Enchanting tables (Final, surrounding area in progress)
    • Forge is placed, but may change based on concept ideas.
  • Connection to Bromjunaar Tunnels which will lead to Blackreach
  • New inventory connectors
  • Synchronized light switches
  • Armory level design is half done
    • Mannequins placed
    • Lights work (have switches too!)
    • General level design finished, decorations to be finished
  • Underdwelling cavern is in need of much work
    • Particle and lighting effects have been scattered, some areas are finished but it needs a lot of work
  • Navmeshing for the entrance has started
    • Interiors will not be completed until level design is finalized
    • Exterior changes made to the mountainside have been edited and cleaned up, but entry to the manor has not been done