Fishsticks Update V1.16 – P1


Greetings all, it’s been a hot minute since the update plan posting, but the time has finally come to drop some information concerning the now released V16. You can probably note by the title that there is more than one part coming with this release.

V16 is broken into two release candidates. The first of which that has been released not too long before this post is the bulk of the update featuring the new Game Roles subroutine. Part two will consist of everything concerning game roles that didn’t make it into part one. Also bundled into part two will be completion of other systems like syslog that include complete injection to all commands and systems.

Overall breakdown of updates and changes:

  • Poll IDs are now stored in a global variable until restart to save on I/O transactions
  • Syslog is now a module used in exports
  • Added event command
  • Added role command
  • New division based emblems for all role/division reports
  • Updated channels command
  • EC’s can now use Echo independently of staff
  • Changed numerous commands to use syslog module
  • Updated roles command
  • “Amen” passive will now randomly show 1 of 3 gifs
  • Poll and GameRoles subroutines added to Fishsticks core
  • CPF module for crash prevention fun
  • Role divisions are now stored as a separate module
  • Stats command added for role and division report generation
  • currDateTime module added
  • Vouch command responses now auto delete
  • Fishsticks core will now read pings for relevancy to game roles and act accordingly

Documentation concerning how to use !role will be posted separately.