Fishsticks V17 Development Update


Man it has been a hot minute. Like whoa. The last post was back in May! Well, hopefully, this post will help posit some information about what exactly has been going on.

Right, so those of you that actually read this blog know that the last post was the update plans for V17. I outlined what V17 is supposed to do and what got pushed from V16. I’ll just get to the point and say that nearly ALL of the V16 content has been implemented in V17.

Before we go any further, the tl;dr of this article is at the bottom.

Ok, so – update post. As of the date of writing this, Fishsticks V17 as it stands is at 44 items done, 5 in progress, with 29 items left to do. That beats the hefty 100 different things I believe I originally planned for. The good news is that the headway on a lot of those things is almost done. The biggest things left in V17 are quite simply the biggest projects. Let’s take a look at it.

The V17 current project (found here) has multiple primary objectives; most of which is to convert really everything over into the new Fishsticks Online (FSO) Database. Most of you know that Fishsticks primarily keeps anything that needs to be stored in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file. Which isn’t really a bad thing, except for when file I/O gets more and more hefty. When that happens, the chances of file corruption rise – so the decision was made to create FSO.

Here, we insert the new problem for V17. While V17 has a load of stuff from V16 that is mostly done, V17 keeps having new stuff added to it. This is because I opted to have V17 be what I call a “stop-gap” update. Where anything that needs to be done, like – anything at all – everything; is going to get into this update. Then, V18 will be a fresh slate to work with.

One of those massive objectives that got added was a really bright plan that occured to me when I was trying to get to sleep one night. If we’re adding everything to an online database, why not add an online dashboard? Boom. Half of V17 that’s not even listed in the V17 GitHub Project is creating this online dashboard. So that’s under the works.

The reconstruction of the methods in the Game Roles subroutine is also coming along quite nicely. This is everything surrounding game roles; creation, voting, joining, all of it. All of those methods have an FSO attachement; you will be able to see in your dashboard what roles you are assigned to in game roles AND in CC Gaming. At the same time, roles are receiving a hefty update to how they operate. Edits will be introduced, and role reports will be generated. Most of this is going to be pulled from FSO now that things are stored there. As of writing this, the entirety of Game Roles is an FSO dependent command.

The next primary point is command help reconstructions. Fishsticks yelling “You trying to thonk me!?” doesn’t help anyone. Some of the more complex commands already respond to you with what you did wrong if you missed a parameter – this is the intent of the help reconstructions – and these are done per command. Now, a lot of commands don’t need them – but I’m reviewing them all to make sure. This is about halfway/mostly done.

The music player needs to be rebuilt as well. Some library updates or something has severely decreased Fs’ ability to effectively play music and that’s going to be fixed. LCARS47 (Fishsticks’ older brother) already has a new library implementation, but has proven that this new methodology is also broken. So either we can stick with not being able to play really anything, or being able to play anything except have it stop about 30 seconds before the song ends. :/ So that is something that will be worked on post FSO.

Matched with FSO and the music player, users will be granted the ability to create custom playlists to be played in the music player. These can be built via the !play command and through the new FSO Dashboard. The problem here is that both of those need to be actually built.

Apart from what needs to be implemented, the things that are done include primarily system logging, account creation/management, suggestions, role displays, divisions updates, casing problems in a lot of commands, and innumerable background reconstructions prepping for FSO.

But I think that’s about it.

TL;DR – EVERYTHING from the V17 update plans is either done, or are |right there| to being done. The content from V16 that was pushed into V17 is done. The only things left for V17 are FSO mechanics, some command help fixes, and any lingering issues/suggestions you guys have opened.

Hopefully the next post that comes out is the confirmation and review of V17’s deployment.

That’s all for now.