Fishsticks V1.17.5 Release


Hail friends,

The time has finally come. I have released V1.17.5 onto you for you good enjoyment. This small little update contains a bit of a punch. If you read the last post, which was the update plans/pre-meditated changelog, then you should know what I’m about to discuss…plus some. Let’s take a look.

  • New commands
    • !docket <-function>: Listing things for discussion at the bi-weekly CC meetings is now easier than ever. The docket will list the subjects people wish to discuss and we can simply recall it at the meeting at any time. Docket will be cleared at the end of every meeting.
      • -add: Adds a new subject: !docket -add -[subject]
      • -clear: Staff only. Clears the docket: !docket -clear
    • !edit [-message] <-confirm> <-newMessage>: The power to change Fishsticks’ default messages is now better than ever. V1.177.5 introduces the ability to edit (right now only) the MOTD (join message) that people see upon joining the server.
      • -motd: Only parameter for message. Edits the default member join message.
      • -confirm: instead of showing the current message, this sets whether or not you’re committing a change
      • -newMessage: the new message you wish to commit to settings
    • !bible <bookNumber> [book] [chapter]:<startingVerse><-endingVerse>: BIBLE IS FINALLY HERE. I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time now. I am pleased to say that I have teamed up with Crossway publications (publishers of the ESV translation) to bring you the English Standard Version of the Bible into Discord. I know that syntax looks rough, but I promise, you’ve been using it every time you specify a verse or range in the Bible.
      • bookNumber: ie, 1 or 2 Samuel
      • book: the book; ie, Genesis, John
      • chapter: the book chapter – if nothing follows, attempts to print the whole chapter
      • startingVerse: the verse to start at – if nothing follows, only prints that verse
      • -endingVerse: the end of the verse range
      • Examples:
        • Genesis 1:1 – !bible genesis 1:1
        • John 3:16 – !bible john 3:16
        • 2 Samuel 1 – !bible 2 samuel 1
  • New passive commands
    • always watching – includes*, will show
    • why – explicit**, will show
    • inquisition – explicit, will show
      • “No one expects the spanish inquisition!”
    • is awesome – when used in tandem with fishsticks, will show
      • “I know.”
  • Passive command reworks: the following commands have been tweaked to be less…irritating
    • Hi, Hello, Fishsticks: now only show responses if they are the only word.
    • “ah” scream thing: now only responds with the GIF if the phrase has at least 4 ‘a’s and 2’h’s

*includes: the phrase is found anywhere within a message

**explicit: the phrase is the only thing posted – cannot be combined with anything else


That should be everything for this update! As always, ping/DM/message me if you have questions.