Fishsticks is the official Chrisitian Crew Gaming Discord bot. It was constructed by PlDyn and as such, logged here in the CoreFoundry. Fishsticks is the most advanced Discord bot built by PlDyn and utilizes what PlDyn calls the “LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture” framework for how the bot accepts and handles commands. More on this can be found on the PlDyn Wiki for Fishsticks.

Quick Review

Completion Progress
Completed 100%

Solidified Plans

This changes so frequently that it’s easier to just read the development blog.

"On The Whiteboard"

  • See GitHub issues page. Feature requests shift very quickly and it is not feasible to maintain them here at the moment.

Beta Tests

Beta tests are conducted in the CCG environment.


Fishsticks is not meant to be a released application. The program is tied to the developer’s account and the code stored on GitHub. The code is open to be reviewed but is not open to be distributed.