Essex County

Essex County is a mod for Bethesda Game Studios’ AAA title, Fallout 4. The original and running idea is that the player should have an area in which they can explore freely and have places to make use of the settlement system. Plot and main questline were never really a part of the equation. This mod is the result of that and is currently under development and planning for completion.

Quick Review

Completion Progress
Essex County

  • World Level
  • Interior Levels
  • NPC Creation
  • NPC Voice Acting
  • Extra Game Elements (Weapons)
  • Extra Game Elements (Armor)
  • Game Mechanics (Traders)
  • Locations Integration
  • Quests
  • Entrance/Exit Link(s)
  • Extra Game Elements (Radio)
  • Game Mechanics (Settlements)
  • World-Character Interaction (Map/LOD)
  • NPC/Enemy Navmeshing


Solidified Plans

Currently, the only solidified plans are what the world is going to appear like in game: things like where places are, what they are and their names. As of writing this, there are at least 55 locations planned to go into the mod.

Other plans include NPC’s like the radio hosts. The only voice acting done has been for the one NPC radio hosts’s announcements on air. The radio playlist itself is complete and another radio station based in the “county” is also planned. Other more intricate plans include the descriptions of places and lore behind them, what their function is/was.


"On The Whiteboard"

  • Second radio station playlist
  • Main quest/plot line
  • A few secondary/ancillary quests
  • Un-marked locations
  • Location lore
  • NPCs
  • Easter Eggs
  • Location design
  • Location interior design
  • World antagonists (Carry enemies over from the Commonwealth or add new ones?)
  • Main radio station announcements redo
  • Acquisitions of further voice actors
  • Completed terrain variation (Looks a bit flat…)
  • Various weapon designs
  • Various armor designs
  • Settlement pieces implmentation
  • Trader route verification (we all set where we want them?)
  • Settlement design plans
  • Further locations (55 is a bit small yeah?)
  • External plugin interactions, other mods might want to have compatibility patches.

Beta Tests


No releases have been made.