Bromjunaar Manor

A Dwemer style estate in central North Skyrim. The massive detail-oriented residence comes complete with all the workbenches the Dragonborn could ever need to support their playstyle and fuel their shenanigans across the country. Available without direct loss of Septims but various exterior pieces must be repaired before the estate cranks back to life.

The manor is found in the hills just to the south of the pass to Labyrinthian.


Structure and Asset Details

Bromjunaar Manor is composed of many assets handcrafted or composed from external assets sourced from Nexus Mod authors and other internet sources with either specific permission grants or public availability. Thanks and credit to those authors, specifically:

  •  Artisanix
    • Paintings and Frames
  • Gka1
    • Cathedral Assets Optimizer
  • Blary
    • Ingredients Wall Art Resource
    • Ingredients in a Jar Resource
    • PotionShelf Resource


  • morganmarz
    • HQ Real Paintings Modders Resource
  • stoverjim
    • Open Books Library
  • lolikyonyu
    • Lolicept Resources