I see you found the downloads page. Welcome. Have a look around the place. Who knows what you’ll find in here. Please be aware that project downloads are not kept here. Those can be found on their respective release pages. Here you’re more likely to find world downloads, random art pieces, or whatever.

World Downloads

These are saved worlds from previously hosted servers. They are provided in ZIP archive format, so you’ll need to extract the contents into the game’s respective world save location.

Worlds/downloads that are flagged with [CCG] are from a Christian Crew Gaming server.


The zip file will contain the world save files (2). Extract them from the zip into the correct Terraria world save directory to use.

Note: modded worlds may include 4 world files instead of 2, install as above.


The zip will contain 3 individual zip archives inside the main one. You must extract each of the 3 individual zip archives into your Minecraft saves folder to make use of them. Please be aware that these archives are typically massive in size.

Note that modpack worlds may contain many more non-zipped files that need to simply be extracted into the necessary world folder.


The zip will contain the `universe` folder which will need to be extracted into the storage directory of your local install.

The above is a PlDyn original world where classic builds like Hotel CCG, the Sanctum, and Skye’s sub-oceanic bases.

Further Info

These downloads are open for public download. They are bound by any agreements and are provided as-is with the exception that you are not to re-publish and/or brand these items as your own. Otherwise, you may download, use, edit, or whatever for your own personal use.