Fishsticks V1.14.22 & V1.14.23 Updates

Greetings, Real quick updates to Fishsticks. V1.14.22 Reconstructed play command permissions to check whether or not user is attached to CC. If user is in CC, carry out normal permissions checks. If not, check if user is “FS Authorized.” If so, run normally; if not, do nothing. Fixed an error where search functions would still … Read moreFishsticks V1.14.22 & V1.14.23 Updates

Fishsticks V1.14.14 & V1.14.21 Updates

Greetings all, CCG Community members will be pleased to know that Fishsticks has been updated today with two updates. V1.14.14 is the biggest and spouts some most requested features. V1.14.21 adds in some features that were requested by staff and an aesthetics overhaul on top of the previous update. V1.14.14 Music Player Changes Playlist Compatibility: … Read moreFishsticks V1.14.14 & V1.14.21 Updates