Fishsticks V1.17 Update Plans

It’s been a hot minute since the last post. That’s because there’s been a lot going on. (TL;DR before the planned changelog below). Just to sum up what exactly has been going on, I shall say that school wrapped up and exams are finally out of the way – therefore development on Fishsticks/LCARS47 can come … Read moreFishsticks V1.17 Update Plans

Fishsticks Update V1.16 – P1

Greetings all, it’s been a hot minute since the update plan posting, but the time has finally come to drop some information concerning the now released V16. You can probably note by the title that there is more than one part coming with this release. V16 is broken into two release candidates. The first of … Read moreFishsticks Update V1.16 – P1

Fishsticks V16 Update Plans

So there’s been a lot of chatter concerning the CC meeting plans and what Fishsticks should be able to do concerning the advent of new channels and systems. With these new features in the CC Discord, new developments are bound to occur in Fishsticks’ internal systems. This update post will be covering, hopefully with detail, … Read moreFishsticks V16 Update Plans

Fishsticks Update V1.15.4 – B1

Greetings all, Real quick post here concerning the new version 15.4 beta release. Due to the nature of how my schedule runs, some development processes are done in a remote environment and that creates a time constraint so some beta releases might be released in parts. Either way, back to the point. This release comes … Read moreFishsticks Update V1.15.4 – B1

LCARS V47.7.3 Update Plans

So, there’s been a lot of chatter on the PlDyn Discord wondering when LCARS was going to get an update. Shockingly enough, the only function that ever gets used over there was the music player. So…why tinker with something that isn’t necessarily broke? The thought occured to me one night after logging off to hit … Read moreLCARS V47.7.3 Update Plans

Bromjunaar Manor Beta V0.2

The beta for Bromjunaar Manor has progressed to V0.2. Beta Testers will have access to the release as always. Check the mod page for details. This release pertains to general core development of the mod. Here’s the changelog: Final crafting station locations Alchemical and Enchanting tables (Final, surrounding area in progress) Forge is placed, but … Read moreBromjunaar Manor Beta V0.2