PlDyn is always developing and working on something, here’s a listing of all development projects and their considered status.

  • Active Development
  • Planned Development
  • Suspended Development
  • Archived Projects

Active Development

These projects are being worked on at least weekly. They are under constant work and plans are evolving/changing to fit the needs of the project.

Essex County

This mod for the AAA title, Fallout 4 is a massive DLC sized expansion to the north of the in-game map known as the Commonwealth. Essex County seeks to add a large new playable area complete with settlements and other various places the player can interact with.


Fishsticks is a Discord bot built by PlDyn for an affiliated community: CCG. Fishsticks is currently the most advanced bot constructed by PlDyn and makes use of the LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture.


LCARS47 while mainly known for being the onboard computer system used in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation, LCARS47 is also used as the PlDyn Official Discord Bot. We runs various operations from relaying chat between the Minecraft Network and the Discord server, to managing roles and permissions and more.

Planned Development

Projects listed here are not being worked on yet. They are merely under planning to be worked on. Some of these may hinge on the completion and outcome of other projects in order to be finished.

Essex County West

An expansion mod to Essex County; Essex County West expands the worldspace of Essex the West, adding in new transportation networks, locations, and settlements.

Suspended Development

These projects were under planning and active development for a while but then for some reason shunted to being “paused.” They are not being worked on, but work could be resumed at some point.

Pinefort Estate

A mod for the famed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim AAA title that allows the player to venture into a mountain grotto and construct a Dwemer house that is safe for material storage, weapons showcasing, horse storage, child adoptions, and more.


Projects listed as Archived are considered completed. They all have at least one release and are no longer being considered for active development. This of course could change and at any point, an archived project could be shunted to Active Development for an update or expansion.

Celtic Main Menu UI

The Celtic Main Menu UI is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds new backgrounds and changes the menu music for the opening menu of the game.

Skye Moss

A re-texture mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that changes the base texture for the hanging moss ingredient found around the world. There are various versions including lore friendly, crazy tie, and more.

Skye's Verdure

A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds flora and vegetation to select parts of the world. Complete with a FOMOD installer, users and choose between various densities and types of plants to be added to the game.