Bromjunaar Manor


Bromjunaar Manor is a player home I began building as an attempt to build my own personal residence in Skyrim. It is located south of Labrynthian in terms of central placement and hosts all sorts of complex systems such as inventory management accessible from all over the house, customizability options including audio, light switches for specific sections, and more.

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Completion Progress
  • Level Design
  • Mechanics
  • Entry/Exit
  • Events
  • Quests
  • Unique Weapons
  • Navmeshing
  • In-World Integration
  • Lighting
  • Crafting Systems
  • In-Mod Options
  • Unique Armor

Solidified Plans

Right now, the most obvious stuff for a player home is planned. Stuff like safe entry/exit point, aesthetic design, inventory storage, and beds. On top of this are complex systems such as manor inventory management (accessible throughout the entire house), whole-house customizability such as section specific light toggles, carpet changes (where applicable), banner/flag changes, and options such as ambient sound toggles (gear grinding sounds, steam inside pipes, etc.).

The house itself is rather large and hosts a very aesthetic open air underground section (think of the Ustengrav cave with the trees) where some of the crafting spaces will be located.

General theme is of an abandoned house of a wealthy dwemer.

"On the Whiteboard"

  • ¬†Inventory categorical sorting
  • External inventory access
  • Extra living spaces
  • Children’s living spaces
  • Quests
  • ¬†Post-release modular content
    • Home defense
      • Cabbage bandits whose only weapon is the Unrelenting force shout
  • Post-release smaller house variant

Beta Tests